…Disciples Escoffier around the World…

Disciples Escoffier International was created in France, on April 21st, 1954 in Nice by Jean Ducroux, head chef in the city, former student of Auguste Escoffier. The Association then developed throughout France and abroad.Today, the Association counts more than 30.000 Disciples in the world who are present in 30 countries. 

Due to its size, the Association chose to get organized by delegation. 45 delegations in total, each has its own mode of management but they are connected between them and headed by the Magisterial Council of Disciples Escoffier International, which is situated in France, to Villeneuve Loubet, Auguste Escoffier's hometown. So, in spite of the independence of these branches, they remain united by the same strategy, and the same guideline organized by the heart of the Association in France. Nicolas Sale, the current International Presidency of Disciples Escoffier International, set "Tradition, Creativity, Innovation, Solidarity and Friendship" as the base of the commitment of the Association, the Members around the world share and teach their knowledge across borders and continue to bring to life the "Escoffier Spirit", which is:


Equality and Appearance

(There is no difference in status among the Disciples, their induction is the same)


Knowledge and Transmission

(Escoffier members are driven to share and transmit their knowledge)


Culture and Modernity

(Escoffier members respect culinary history and stand for constant evolution)


Generosity and Unity

(The Disciples support a charitable cause)


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