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"The Escoffier Spirit"

…Few reminders ... ...

1- "The Escoffier Spirit" symbolizes Equality among all the disciples without any rank distinction, transmission of knowledge, respect for the Culinary Culture and the constant evolution of the cuisine as well as research and completion of actions for a charitable cause. At the opening of each chapter, the President reminds that, from which it is usually the Induction Ceremony of the new Disciples Escoffier

2- This "Escoffier Spirit" is in total accordance with what Auguste Escoffier had shown throughout his long life. Although he was a real Star, he remained humble, fiercely defending the Chefs, and constantly contributing not only through the Culinary Guide but also his many articles in Culinary Arts. He had always been acutely aware of the Cuisine’s evolution. In 1904, in the Guide’s first edition’s preface, he wrote: "While everything alters and changes, it will be absurd to intend to fix the fate of an Art which is like Fashion, as unstable as it."

3- Throughout Auguste Escoffier's life, he was also conscious of others and misery. Writing of "Manual for the Extinction of pauperism" utterly demonstrates it

4- Next, when a new Disciple Escoffier is inducted, he agrees to uphold the “Escoffier Spirit" for taking this oath: "I swear to spread, serve, and honor the Cuisine, its culture and constant evolution."

Members and the Association

The Association of Disciples Escoffier International should, in a way, help all its members, bring them together under the "Escoffier Spirit," so that it can "live" and evolve, and that the Chefs of future generations can recognize themselves under this identity and find themselves involved in return, to the memory of Auguste Escoffier, and for the transmission of this tremendous Culinary Heritage.

To do so, the Association of Disciples Escoffier International must have Rights and Duties:

1 - The Duty to "communicate" with its members via a monthly newsletter for all internal and external information to the Association, in which it interests all professions that are represented in the Association

2- The Duty to "promote" its members and their activities using all means of communication of the Association, such as websites, emails, Disciples Escoffier International directory, etc ...

3- The Duty to assist each member regarding research or job vacancies, job training, competition, etc ...

4- The Right to have all its Members, old and new, sign the Charter as a sign of mutual commitment

5- Each member must spare at least one day on an annual basis, to participate in a mission with regard to one of the programs in the Association

6- Each member must honor the memory of Auguste Escoffier by promoting the Association, bearing Escoffier's scarf during events, and wearing Escoffier's DEI pin as much as possible

7- Each Member shall settle an annual contribution

8- All Members may attend regular meetings held by the Association, brainstorm ideas and provide feedbacks


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